Amit Fulay

Windows Rights Management

April 9, 2004

Florida State University

General Information

Amit Fulay graduated from FSU in Summer 2001 and is currently working with Microsoft Corporation at Redmond, Washington. He is a Program Manager at Microsoft and works in the Windows Security (Digital Rights Management) team. He will be coming to FSU to do a tech talk/presentation on Windows Rights Management. He will be also utilizing this visit to get referrals of the top CS students from various Professors in the department.

Presentation Details

The presentation is about an hour in length and targeted towards CS graduate/undergraduate students interested in Microsoft and Security. The current tentative date for the presentation is 04/09/2004 (Friday).

Amit will discuss the Windows Rights Management Server (Microsoft’s DRM server), the client SDK, the scenarios that this technology enables, and the cryptographic foundation and architecture of the whole Rights Management System. Following is an abstract on the Rights Management Services that he will touch upon. You can also find more information about RMS at


Microsoft Windows® Rights Management Services (RMS) is information protection technology that works with RMS-enabled applications to help safeguard digital information from unauthorized use — both online and offline, inside and outside of the firewall.

RMS augments an organization’s security strategy by protecting information through persistent usage policies, which remain with the information, no matter where it goes. Organizations can use RMS to help prevent sensitive information — such as financial reports, product specifications, customer data, and confidential e-mail messages — from intentionally or accidentally getting into the wrong hands.

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