current research

Applied Vision and Image Sensing

Computer Forensics


Cyber-Physical Systems and Critical Infrastructure

  • This research involves several doctoral students including Jonathan Jenkins, Owen W Redwood, Joshua Laurence and the graduate (SFS) students Sereyvathana Ty, Sean Easton and David Guidry.

Cyber Security and Pervasive Computing

Network and Wireless Security

Network Security including the Internet

Offensive Security and Honeynets

Reverse Engineering and Offensive Security

  • Work & research of:
  • Xiuwen Liu
  • Dr. Liu's research covers a broad range of applications, including malware threats and cyber-physical system security.

Reducing Virus propagation in Mobile Devices

  • Dr Whalley's research covers a broad range of applications, including program differentiation, static pipelining, improving program efficiency and parametric timing analysis.

Software Engineering

Storage and File System Security

Trust Management

Ubiquitous Applications, the IOT and RFID

Earlier Research

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