The C-SAIT corporate sponsor program is designed to foster communication and promote mutually beneficial relationships among members of the government, industry, and academic communities. Technology transfer is the focus. C-SAIT sponsors are able to leverage existing resources, experiences, and relationships, while gaining access to the research and education laboratory. Participation provides partners access to security experts, interaction with other center sponsors, and early access to research findings. Sponsor Partnerships enhance researcher access to modern instrumentation and professional resources in tune with marketplace needs.

The C-SAIT Corporate Sponsorship Program fosters mutually beneficial, long-term relationships among our sponsors, faculty and students. Among other benefits, our sponsors enjoy high visibility within the C-SAIT community and C-SAIT faculty and students benefit from resources and expertise provided by the sponsor community. Sponsorships are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Corporate Sponsorship Program Description

Capital support

Capital support of the Center is by voluntary renewable support on an annual basis. Sponsor gifts support costs associated with the C-SAIT including funding for research projects and student assistance programs. Sponsor support leverages existing Florida State University support of C-SAIT and the support provided by other sponsors and donors.

Active participation

C-SAIT sponsorship is a cooperative venture. Sponsors designate a partnership coordinator that serves as the primary corporate contact with C-SAIT. The following are available activities for corporate sponsors.

  • Regular visits to the C-SAIT to meet with researchers and students
  • Establish a joint research agenda with C-SAIT
  • Provide guest speakers for C-SAIT colloquia and courses
  • Provide internships to C-SAIT Laboratory students
  • Conduct yearly recruiting visits to the Center
  • Offer challenging, graduate course projects and project topics to the Center
  • Offer challenging, state of the art masters project topics to C-SAIT students

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsoring C-SAIT is an opportunity to shape the future practices of information security, as well as guiding Information Security professionals. Sponsorship gives organizations the opportunity to keep up with emerging developments that are setting the pace for tomorrow’s business. The benefits outlined below, ranging from finding prospective employees among our student body to participating in on-campus research and educational efforts, are services offered to sponsoring organizations. In addition to these benefits, the C-SAIT manager of external relations will be responsive to specific requests for assistance, and will be proactive in forwarding relevant information to help members forge useful contacts within the C-SAIT community.

Sponsorship Levels

Founding Sponsors

Founding Sponsors are those organizations whose one-time contributions thrust C-SAIT into full-time operation. Organizations became Founding Sponsors by donating a one-time gift of $100,000 to C-SAIT prior to December 31, 2001.

  • Permanent recognitian on the C-SAIT Web page as a C-SAIT Founding Sponsor
  • Three years benefits and status as a C-SAIT Seminole Gold Sponsor

Seminole Gold Sponsors

Annual gift of $40,000 or more to the Center.

Seminole Gold Sponsors are invited to nominate individuals to serve on the C-SAIT Advisory Board (SAB). This board advises the Director. The board provides feedback on current and future center activities and advises on proposed research projects. In addition to impacting the direction of information security research and education, these meetings provide sponsoring organizations an opportunity to interact with security professionals from a variety of organizations as well as the Center.

  • Representation on the Advisory Board
  • The opportunity to hold a yearly on-site workshop on topics of C-SAIT research and/or expertise
  • Pre-release electronic access to C-SAIT publications and software, in addition to off-line copies
  • Early access to new information security technology, publications, prototypes, evaluations, bug fixes, security alerts and other products of C-SAIT efforts
  • Mention and links on C-SAIT WWW pages during the time of sponsorship
  • Assistance in targeting C-SAIT students for internship and permanent employment opportunities
  • Complimentary copies of resumes and placement reports of students involved with C-SAIT
  • Opportunity to present at least one annual technical presentation at Florida State University
  • Potential to place technical personnel on-site at the Center in visiting positions
  • Potential to team with C-SAIT in contract proposals

Gold Sponsor

Annual gift of $20,001-$39,999 to the C-SAIT.

  • Mention and links on C-SAIT WWW pages during the time of sponsorship
  • Cooperation in targeting C-SAIT students for internship and permanent employment opportunities
  • Complimentary copies of resumes and placement reports of students involved with C-SAIT
  • Early access to C-SAIT publications and research before public release
  • Placement reports on students associated with C-SAIT
  • Opportunity to present an annual technical presentation at Florida State University

Garnet Sponsor

Annual gift of $10,000-$20,000 to C-SAIT.

  • Acknowledgement on the C-SAIT website and in future publications

The Sponsorship Gift

All sponsorships are for a 12-month period, with a starting date chosen by mutual agreement between the sponsor and the C-SAIT Director. To renew as a sponsor, membership fees must be given each year no later than 30 days after the anniversary date of initial membership. For planning purposes, sponsors are encouraged to indicate their intent to renew no later than 60 days prior to this anniversary date.

Sponsors that desire to provide directed funding to C-SAIT, and those with all other questions, please contact the Program Coordinator or Dr. Mike Burmester via the contact page.

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