• Pairing-Based Cryptography by Antoine Joux [PDF]
  • Recent Advances in Iterated Hash Functions by Antoine Joux [PDF]
  • Tamper-Proof Software by Alec Yasinsac (Not Available)
  • Legal and Ethical Issues by Jim Davis [PDF]
  • Recognized Research Problems in Information Security by Jim Davis[PDF]
  • What Is In A Name? An Introduction To Identity-Based Encryption by Breno de Medeiros [PPT]
  • FAMU Presentations [PPT]
  • On the Evolution of Adversary Models in Security Protocols by Virgil Gligor [PPT]
  • Cryptolite: How Lite Can Secure Crypto Get? by Virgil Gligor [PPT]
  • Recent Developments in Group Key Exchange by Mike Burmester [PPT]

Audio Recordings

Please contact Dr. Mike Burmester with any interest in audio recordings of the presentations.

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