ACM Workshop on
Scientific Aspects of Cyber Terrorism (SACT)

Washington DC, November 21, 2002

In conjunction with the ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security

Accepted Papers  

Goal of the workshop   The main goal of this workshop is to address scientific contributions to understand cyber terrorism and to fight cyber terrorism. Several interesting questions have not been properly addressed from scientific viewpoints such as:

Accepted Papers  


Important Dates

Program Committee

Giuseppe Ateniese (Johns Hopkins University)
David Balenson (Network Associates Laboratory)
Matt Blaze (AT&T Research Lab)
Dorothy Denning (Georgetown University)
Yvo Desmedt (Program Chair, Florida State University)
Dieter Gollmann (Microsoft)
Cathy Meadows (Naval Research Laboratory)
John McHugh (Carnegie Mellon University)
Peter Neumann (SRI)
Gene Spafford (Purdue University)
Rebecca Wright (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Further Information about the Program   For further information contact:

Yvo Desmedt
Department of computer Science
PO Box 4530
253 Love Building
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4530

(For courier service add: Palmetto Drive)

Tel. +1 (850) 644-9298
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